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That thing that makes us stand out amongst the crowd

Posted by on January 7, 2012

Photo by Paul Buceta -

LATEST (Feb. 10th, 2012): Walk of the Earth has signed a record deal with Columbia Records


 SonyMusicGlobal Sony Music Global

Excited to announce @ColumbiaRecords signs @WalkOffTheEarth! Press release:

This article is also published on the local media outlet, Raise the Hammer, here.

As artists, athletes, business people, as employees and even as lovers, we spend our lives trying to stand out amongst the crowd.

In our search for love, what is it about us that will make that person of our dreams take notice? As prospective employees, what is it within our skill set that will make an employer choose us amongst hundreds or thousands of applicants? Surely there are athletes who are talented enough to play in the big leagues but perhaps the right scout never sees them showcase their talents or the one time they had a chance to shine, was the very rare occasion they were off their game. As artists, we plug away each and every day at the mediums that drive our passions and surely even some place deep inside, we all hope to one day find that thing that makes us stand out in our chosen mediums and turns our evening passions into full-time dreams.

In my experience, the moments we shine are the ones where we have forgotten that people are watching us. When we stop thinking about what that ‘thing’ will be that makes us stand above, that’s when our talents and skills are noticed. When we are just ‘us’ in doing the things we do because we love to do them – because those things make us feel more alive than anything else in the world, that is when we are best at what we do .

A local band called Walk Off The Earth, was seemingly doing just that. Playing music, making videos; doing what they do best and are most passionate about. They are an independent band from Burlington, Ontario – just on the other side of the skyway bridge from my hometown Hamilton who from what I have seen and heard of their other material thus far, were just on the brink of stardom before they posted their latest video, Somebody That I Used to Know (featuring Sarah Blackwood) which is a cover of a Gotye song of the same title. I had never heard of either the original or cover artists before yesterday but although I love Walk Off The Earth’s version and video very much and feel it deserves the acclaim it’s receiving, Gotye’s original video is certainly more powerful with regards to the emotion of the lyrics. The original, which features the amazing voice Kimbra, is also a must see.

At last I checked, this video had reached 45M+ hits. Unbelievable!!

Overnight there had been blog posts referencing this video, they’d been talked about by national news media outlets across the globe, fans from around the world were even begging them to come play in their countries. Amazing where following your passions can lead you. Just when you thought the magic of this 2 day roller coaster ride was fait accompli, the true tribute to this remarkable accomplishment in my opinion, was a comparison YouTuber ScottMay put together of Gotye’s original and Walk Off The Earth’s cover. Hey blends the two videos onto the screen, where we see the remarkable resemblance and if you thought the harmony was already amazing between the 5, add Gotye and Kimbra and wow! “My ears are tingling”, one of the two commenter’s responds. Mine too!

This Gotye cover had gone up a couple hundred thousand views just in the time it took me to watch some of their videos and write this blog post. When I first stumbled upon it, the morning after it was uploaded to YouTube via a link by Hamilton Seen, the video only had a few hundred hits. I woke up Saturday morning to have another look, and it was up over 800,000. Walk Off The Earth, had found ‘their’ thing.

One of my favourite videos of theirs having now viewed a handful of them, is Money Tree which as a former student of animation, utilizes one of my favourite cinematography techniques; Stop Motion.

If you thought Somebody That I Used to know was something a bit extraordinary, you must take a look at Love the Way You Lie embedded below. This is one guy, Gianni, and 4 instruments. 5 if you include his loop station (pedals). Gianni starts off with a snare made out of a piece of metal, then he hits the loop pedals, he picks up his ukulele, plays, hits the loop, starts playing what looks like a laptop but sounds like a xylophone, loops it, raps a bit, reaches for his guitar, all the while belting out the lyrics with a very powerful and captivating voice others across the net have compared to Peter Gabriel, brings in the other instruments throughout via tapping various loop pedals, and he finishes off playing uke. I first fell in love with the ukulele from Train’s Hey Soul Sister. I have fallen again. Luminati is a modern day Beck. Also check out his cover of Bruno Mars’ Grenade. I am not as big a fan of the actual cover, as I am his intrinsic use of odd objects to create sound. In Grenade, he uses “a 5 gallon water bottle, a Gun, 2 knives, a kick drum, a ukulele, a guitar, a glockenspiel and his Mouth!”, the description under the video reads.

Now that you know these guys, share some more Walk Off The Earth love  This collective is no one hit wonder. They are the real deal. Extremely talented and creative and for all you local peeps, this magic was mastered just across the highway. LIKE!

As I was obtaining links to provide below, I noticed that the band received a little  treat late the other night. It seems even Gotye himself, approves of this cover.

I know who to ask for help with acoustic versions of Somebody: Walk Off The Earth Hilarious and brilliant.

Here is some more information and links for Walk Off The Earth (WOTE):

Facebook Page:

If you only click one of these many links, check the YouTube channel out most importantly. You’ll be on there for hours. I guarantee it. Their endless creativity is most predominantly showcased on their channel.



I believe it’s also fitting, to throw out some links to the artist who inspired this whole overnight sensation, Gotye. I am a new fan of both bands.

SoundCloud: I love that you can listen to his full new album (Making Mirrors), as well as some remixes.


WOTE does Ellen



Walk off the Earth Parody by The Key of Awesome!

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